Joaquim M. Oliveira

Project Co-ordinator


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Graduation in Biochemistry (Faculty of Sciences – University of Porto). Post-Graduation in Biomedical Engineering (Faculty of Engineering – University of Porto). PhD in Materials Science and Technology, Tissue Engineering and Hybrid Materials (Dept. Polymer Engineering – University of Minho). He is one of the editors of the book Making Research Visible to the World, In Canon Foundation in Europe - Canon Alumni Book, eds. Helen Westgeest, Ma Li, Oscar Martinez Mozos, Joaquim Miguel Oliveira, Mercedes Rodrigo García, Corrie Siahaya-Van Nierop, Published by Canon Foundation in Europe, Amstelveen.

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Sciences and Materials Technology (Dendrimers, Tissue Engineering, Hybrid Materials and Nanotechnology), Cell Engineering (Stem cells), and 3D tissue engineered in vitro cancer models


Multi-functional dendrimeric macromolecules with applications in cell engineering and theranostics.