Project Members

The project team consists of 10 researchers including 1 Project Co-ordinator, 1 ERA Chair, 2 Associate Researchers, 5 Assistant Researchers and 1 Project Manager. Assistant researchers have been hired to a position equivalent to an Assistant Professor. The experienced researchers (ERA Chair's team) hold a PhD degree in their respective fields and more than 5 years of research experience after completion of the PhD. 

Project Coordinator


ERA Chair

ERA Chair Full Professor

Associate Researchers

Associate Researcher, Academic and Research Staff
Associate Researcher, Academic and Research Staff

ERA Chair Team

Assistant Researcher (Metabolic Glycoengg. for Tumor Imaging)
Assistant Researcher (Nanotechnology)
Assistant Researcher (Cell Metabolism and Signaling)
Assistant Researcher (Cell Engineering)
Assistant Researcher (Bioinformatics)

Managing Team

Project Manager